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[ Translation of authentic text written in Polish ]

Warsaw, 2014-09-09

of Polish Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland
to Brotherly Polish National Catholic Church
in the United States of America and Canada
for XXIV General Synod held between September 29th - October 3rd, 2014
in Erie, PA, USA


„May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all"
( 2 Cor 13,13)


Most Reverend Prime Bishop Dr. Anthony Mikovsky, Right Reverend Bishops Ordinaries of the Dioceses, Reverend Pastors and Lay Church Members gathered at XXTV General Synod of PNCC. Although a boundless ocean separates us, by thought, heart and with our prayers we are connecting with you all, we -Polish Catholics in Poland. From the land of your forefathers, which gave our common Father and organizer of National Church, the luminously remembered bishop Francis Hodur.

It was him, who on American land, as a pastor and tireless Shepherd of great heart and wisdom, took the side of the ill-treated and discriminated Polish emigrants, who came for bread to their new Fatherland (Ojczyzna).

It was him, who in relation to the-then American Roman Catholic episcopate and authorities was a tireless warrior for keeping the mother tongue in the liturgy and pastoral service in parishes. He devotedly fought for keeping the traditions brought from Poland - the Motherland exhausted by German, Russian and Austrian foreign-rulers and occupiers.

It was him, who by organizing the parishes of Polish National Catholic Church, was strengthening in the hearts of emigrants those traditions through his own example, the consoling Word of God, through his sermons, at the first Synods of the Church and in his rich writings.

Times change. Our Church in Poland came through severe experiences in the time between two world wars, in the time of Nazi occupation, and later, in the times of Stalinism and years that followed - when regardless of officially proclaimed freedom of conscience and religion - the Church practically still had no possibilities of development.

Despite all of that, the Church in Poland faithfully kept and continues to keep the heritage and teaching of Bishop Francis Hodur.

After the political changes in Poland (in 1989) our Church was, unfortunately, being damaged by some of former priests, disciplinarily expelled from the clergy of the Church in Poland and also in the United States and Canada. The consequences of those mean actions are being felt up until now, in Poland, as well as in the United States and in Canada. The significant examples of that are the still ongoing lawsuits against our Churches.

We are glad that, thanks to God's help and our common caution, we are managing to work fruitfully for the National Church, as well in Poland, as in the United States and Canada. We are hoping that contacts between us will be continued on the grounds of collaboration and mutual respect.

It was very nice to welcome the PNCC delegation led by Prime Bishop Dr. Anthony Mikovsky and Right Reverend Paul Sobiechowskd, Ordinary of the Eastern Diocese, and listen to their speeches at the General Synod of Polish Catholic Church on June 18th, 2013.

I courteously thank the Prime Bishop for the invitation to the XXIV General Synod of PNCC in Erie. The well-being of the Polish Catholic Church in Poland requires that I stay in Poland and watch the enemies in order to prevent them from taking action against both our Churches. Being unable to come in person, I will be with you spiritually, with my thoughts and heart.

On Sunday, September 28th, 2014 we will be praying in all parishes of Polish Catholic Church, asking for God's blessing, all grace and assistance of the Holy Spirit, so your debates and decisions of your Synod be the most fruitful for the future of Polish National Catholic Church in the United States and Canada in 21st century.

With all my heart, in my own name and on behalf of Synodal Council and all Polish Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland I send you brotherly warm greetings from Poland

God Bless !

Bp Wiktor Wysoczański